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NFAR Framework

Start creating your Augmented Reality Apps today!

NFAR bring a whole new dimensions and experiences through the use of our advanced natural features augmented reality technology. We provide industry-leading technology and performance for both PC and Web platform. Backed by our years of hard works and research, NFAR will be the most comprehensive and flexible platform for developers to quickly start building great applications.

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High Performance

Backed by our years of hard works and research, NFAR provide comprehensive features and functionalities, as well as high performance tracking and recognition.

Easy to Learn

Designed with the aim of easy to learn and develop for our developers, developers are able to pickup our NFAR frameworks in short time and start intergrated NFAR into their applications.

Easy to Customize

With tons of features and functionalities in NFAR framework, you can easily customize the framework and choose one that fit your application.

Unbelieveble Possibilities

Be Unique

Incorporate Augmented Reality technology into your application, and see how it can change the way you present your information more interestingly, as well as the perception and reaction from your users.

Why choose NFAR?


Check out our live demo how can you Incorparate Augmented Reality technology with your existing products, and produce an unique and eye-catching applications that stand out from your competitors.

Features Overview

NFAR is designed with aim for easy to learn and develop, but it also been ultilize for high performance tracking and recognition.

Got an existing library or plugin you want to intergrated into NFAR? It's possible now with NFAR framework, it's has been specially design to carter for adopting a wide range of existing plugin without doing any much of extra works from our developers.


NFAR is available on mutiple platforms, we are sure that we are able to provide one that suit will your developments, kindly check the list below for further details.

  1. PC Platform - Developer may choose either Microsoft® XNA Framework, or ShiVa3D® as their development 3D engine for their application.
  2. Mobile - Available in both iOS, and Android platform.
  3. Web - Able to host content in the server, and user will be able to view your application over the internet. Currently only available for Shiva3D® game engine.
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Plugins Add-on

You may create your own plugin, and have them intergrated into NFAR Framework easily. However, we do have a wide range of plugins that may suit your developments as well, below is the list of selected plugins that are available.

  1. Motion Framework - You may choose and intergrate this plugin into NFAR framework, if you want to detect selected hand, finger, and body gestures in your applications.
  2. Speech Recognizer - A plugin that is able to recognize pre-trained English voice.
* This feature currently only available for PC Platform only, coming soon on other platforms.
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We offer NFAR licenses for commercial, non-commercial or educational use. Developers can incorparate our advance Augmented Reality technology into their applications, games or etc. Depanding on the license, licensee will received different package of the development kit, support from our experienced development team, and technical resources.

  1. Basic License - For the usage of non-commercial, educational or free distribution application only.
  2. Professional License - For the usage of commercial applications.
  3. Enterprise License - For organizations interested to develop in-house application or application for specific client/campaign.
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