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Customization, Intergration

Customize your existing application or system to best suit your need, or intergrate in new feature into your exisiting system to deliver best user experiences.

Web Application Development

Develop custom web application with more powerful functionality to increase your business performance. Have a ease of mind by creating a web application that really suit.

Mobile Application Development

Develop mobile apps for your business, or turn your brilliant idea into a unique and innovative mobile experinece with us to keep up with the highly-populated mobile market.

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Creative Design, Illustration

Create and design a new, unique, awesome and engaging user interface for your website, mobile applications. Let's us WOW you with our creative design.

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Discover and connect with people that are nearby to you! Check in to your current place and start chatting with them, share picture, audio and video.

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The world in your palm. In PalmEyes it is all about you, helping you to decide and bring you to the shop that you are really interested.

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Android has been growing fast phenomenally and so as the demand for the Android App Development. Thanks to our innovative, energetic and creative team, Digital Cube has one of the best and talented Android Development Team. Starting from planning the apps that run and support on most popular Android Devices, Design unique and eye-catching apps, database design, as well as API creation for dynamic driven data, we want to make sure that our works exceed your expectation.

Got a brilliant idea that can possibly change the world? Talk to our friendly representatives, and let us create one apps that can help you to boost up your business and stand out from other Android apps.


With hundred of thousands of iOS apps out there, the competition has become fiercer than ever. However, thanks to our experienced, innovative, energetic and creative team, Digital Cube would be able to offer you an unique apps that easily stand out from the rest the apps. Everyday, our team solved tough problems, create awesome design for our clients and most importantly share the same passion as you to create one great apps that may change the world.

Talk to our friendly representatives, and let us create one apps that can help you to boost up your business and stand out from other apps.


Wish to create a breath-taking and unique website, or wish to revamp and redesign your existing website into something extraordinary, or perhaps web applications for your business need? Your search end here!


Has the extraordinary programming skills to create an awesome apps or website, but lack of the design skill to make it look even better? Our creative team is here for you. Thanks to our valuable experiences in creating awesome and cool apps and website, we believe we got what it require to take your apps into the next level.

Submit your project details and features to us, discuss and work closely together with our creative team, to help you complete your awesome apps, website and let's change the world together!


Looking for extra hands to create a system, or add in new features, customize existing system to suit and grow business? We are here for you. Digital Cube has one best and talented team who are highly specialize in C, C++, Microsoft .NET technologies.

Talk to our experts in these areas, let us handle the works for you, and enjoy your ease of mind from now.